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Complete Cellular Restoration in Just 38 Minutes

Magnetism, Oxygen, Light.... without them, we cannot survive. But with them, we’re superhuman. Take control of your health in just 38 minutes with the 3-step Superhuman Protocol—designed to give the healing power back to the human body using magnetism, oxygen, and light.


Each step in the Superhuman Protocol works together to restore order in your body by charging and separating your cells, allowing for more oxygen, and optimal light absorption.

And by exposing your body to these powerful natural forces—magnetism, oxygen, and light—it can improve your skin, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and oxygenation.


Our Purewave PEMF Mat restores cellular function in a natural way by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that are equivalent to the body’s frequencies. Our PEMI technology helps the body to increase circulation, blood flow, oxygen, removal of toxins and stimulates the metabolism.


HyperMax Oxygen is the latest in the evolving equipment designed to offer Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). EWOT is the act of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise. HyperMax Oxygen uses an oxygen generator to fill a large medical-grade bag that holds 900 liters of oxygen. A high-flow mask is attached to that bag. Now every breath you take is 93% oxygen with NO room air. HyperMax does NOT allow any room air inside. Only the oxygen from the bag is inhaled as a valve in the mask opens. As you exhale, CO2 is blown out through the CO2 port into the room. This allows your body to create an oxygen-rich environment that improves your overall health by getting your heart pumping and effectively delivering oxygen to healthy cells.


Whole-body red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBM), is a safe and relaxing treatment that has been shown to promote the body’s natural processes for metabolizing free radicals and minimizing the damage they cause. This boost in the body’s natural healing cycle helps reduce inflammation and promotes the healing of damaged tissue. PBM has also been shown to increase the rate and quality of tissue repair, improve muscle performance, enhance recovery, and reduce pain and it has no known negative side effects. 


10X Theralight 360 HD Bed v3
Hypermax Oxygen Generator System
Purewave PEMF Mat
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